What is the fee for your service?

Currently there is no fee for my services for vacation packages. However I do not offer flight only travel at this time.

How far in advance should I book my travel?

I always say "The Sooner The Better", especially if you are planning on travel to places at peak season.

Do I need travel insurance?

It is always recommend that you purchase travel insurance, especially since we never know about the unexpected.

Are the vacations listed on the website the only vacations I can book with your agency?

The answer is NO absolutely not. This is just a small piece of all the Vacations/Trips we have to offer you here at ALL You Desire Travel, LLC.

How do I know which vacation is a good fit for me?

As much detailed information you can supply will ensure that your vacation is what you expect and I always say any vacation is a good vacation.

What happens when I have a problem while I am on my vacation?

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